Frequently asked questions

How to ask Design of Bella Twins?

You can order bella twins design through the designs displayed in the store from the ready-made designs. To order specific photo designs you can send us here: Bella Twins Design Order

How I can register on the site?

You can easily register at the Bella Twins design site by clicking on the registration icon at the top right of the page with the following steps:

  1. Go to top of Page.
  2. Click the " Login" button.
  3. Clich to " Sign up" button.
  4. Write an " Email" and " Password".

Can we talk to the real Bella Twins?

In fact, we are a company that follows in the footsteps of Bella Twins in designing the Nike and Brie Bella brand. But you can't communicate with the twins personally. Because we are a company living in a country different from the country where the twins live.

How do we communicate with Bella Twins Designer?

You can communicate with the designer personally through the Facebook page or live chat from the site, the designer will talk to you in person.

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